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Review: The Apprentice by Rick Pullen

Going into the book, I didn't know it was going to be a serial until I got to the end. Without giving too much away, it's obvious the plot of the book for what it parallels. It's a little too close for me, perhaps opening up much to the conspiracy theorists out there regarding our current political events. Despite this being fiction, and that book just came out about Donald Trump, it really gives the mind a place to wander sort of out there about the possibilities.  

Despite my initial reservation, that partly being how I didn't like the beginning part of the plot with what happened to Holly, the book sort of took a life on of it's own. It was a quick read and within the given plot, there was enough to keep you interested to see where this goes. I'm not sure how many parts will make up this work, whether it is ongoing or was it established before it's release. I had my suspicions about where the plot was going to go but was surprised in the end how it came about. This was definitely a surprise read for myself and will continue the story to see what happens. You can definitely see the effects of the background in investigative journalism by the author because it made the characters and profession of the plot cohesive and more genuine considering the political climate. If you're into suspense/thrillers, especially political ones, give this a shot. 

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