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Review: The Lost Castle by Kristy Cambron

The Lost Castle, the first in her new series, takes the reader through three different time periods of history: The French Revolution, World World II and the present. Inspired by a forgotten heirloom and a moment of lucidity, Ellie Carver was stunned when her grandmother began to share a glimpse of her past that connected her to an important part of history. With her grandmother slipping away due to Alzheimer's, she wished there had been more moments where she could've learned more.  So as he began to talk about a forgotten past including a castle named, The Sleeping Beauty, Ellie's curiosity is piqued when she uncovers new information about her life and a request to unlock secrets of her past. Finding her way back to Loire Valley, Ellie unlocks the mystery to her grandmother's past as well discover secret about her own. 

Overall, I thought the book was really intriguing. There is something special about that region and history that has always interested me. What was fascinating is how the story ties together but the individual experiences especially of Ellie grandmother's past and present. I really loved her getting a chance to get to know her grandmother more by retracing her past. That journey she took to unlock her mystery really was touching to read. The love she had for her grandmother, especially since she was her only living relative, really hits home for those who wish they had more time. The fairy tale inspiration of what happened to the castle brought something interesting to mix. I thought her details of the historical aspects of those periods with her narrative places you at those moments as well as give you a great visual of what is happening. An engaging plot with wonderful characters, you won't be disappointed. I'd recommend this one to your reading list. 

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