Review: Saving Me by Sadie Allen

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Aly seemed to have it all. She was a track star, she was top ten in her class, she had the right friends and the richest boyfriend, but her life was far from perfect. After an accident that ends her track career Aly decides to take what little control in her life she end it. Luckily her soon to be knight in lip ring and worn band tees steps in and decides that he is going to save her. 

Saving Me is a look into modern day teenage life. It shows the pressures kids are hiding underneath and the ways they try to escape them. It reflects what it is like to be put on a pedestal with no hopes of getting down. By showing how a seemingly perfect child can feel as if there is only one way out, it opens the door to a conversation that you cannot know what is truly going on in someone's life unless you want to know. There is love, loss, growth, and even some humor. This story is a new age 80s movie where the jock is lost and the nerdy group is there to rescue, but with a few twists throughout. 

Overall this is a great YA book. Readers will be hooked, wanting to know what is going to happen to Aly. Will she really be saved? Be sure to read it and find out.