Review: The Silver Key by Elena Schauwecker

Christmas time is such a beautiful time, snow, carols, parties, some would even say it is magical. For most magic lives in our hopes, dreams, and hearts. For Alyssa however, magic found her. On a snowy morning in Chicago, her life changed for good with a strange door and a small silver key. Alyssa and her younger sister,Bella, enter a strange world where they learn that they was their destiny. Now they must protect and hide the small silver key, learning that in it is the power for darkness to rule all. As their journey begins they are not sure who is they should trust. 

The Silver Key explores magic in a new way. It combines old legends of the sun and the moon to create magic filled worlds of light and darkness. With the fate of these lands, as well as the fate of earth, at stake Alyssa must not only protect her own key but must also fight to get the other keys back as well. With the help of her sister and others who have found their way into Sunlonia, Alyssa will fight to keep the darkness at bay. This adventurous tale is perfect for any young adult who wants to believe in the power of magic.