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Review: Ghost Gifts by Laura Spinella

A traveling carnival, violets, mysterious disappearance, and a girl with an unusual gift. Twenty years ago Missy, a notoriously average and kind girl, disappeared right before her 21st birthday. Now twenty years later her body is found and a town is rattled. 

Aubrey Ellis had not only an unusual childhood, traveling with her grandmothers carnival, but she also had an unusual gift. Aubrey was able to talk to the dead, though she did not seek them out, she also could not avoid them. Having finally settled in Surrey, a town she used to stop at every year with the carnival, Aubrey had found a way to work as a reporter and handle her gift. When news broke about the discovery of Missy’s body, however, that was all about to change. 

Ghost Gifts is a tantalizing mystery that will suck a reader in, with twists and turns throughout. This story takes a classic idea of having the ability to speak to the dead and puts it into a context that is not only intriguing but relatable. Ghost Gifts is great for any fan of the supernatural or just a fan of a good old fashion mystery. This story will hook you again and again, hoping to learn all of the secrets it has to offer. 

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