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Review: We Own the Sky by Luke Allnut

The loss of a child is probably one of the most difficult experiences a parent can go through. In this beautiful debut, Allnut brings a heartfelt story of the journey of a family whose love for their child carries them through the pain and anguish of experiencing loss. Through hope and love, they fight to make every moment be memorable.

We Own the Sky, is the journey of a family who from the outside seem to have it all. When one day, it was discovered that Jack was ill, after several tests for confirmation, life immediately changed. There was no longer a future. The present became more important that ever. Time was precious and so was every experience. Through their journey, we experience the greatest gift a parent can give their child, eternal love and see how life can be put back together.
You know a book is going to be special when you start reading and you stop because you are taken back by how emotional you feel. You don’t know how someone feels unless you are in their shoes. That introduction gave a really insightful perspective of how he felt. Those who have experienced the roller coaster of emotions can relate and for the rest of us all we can do is empathize. This really sets the tone for the book and if you don’t feel anything from that, than I’d check your pulse.

What I loved about the book is the innocence and pure heart of Jack. He was such a fun, loving kid who wanted to live life. It makes the experience tougher when you see it through the eyes of a child like Jack. It can even be harder for the parents because they have to put on a brave front because kids are sensitive to their emotions and behavior. 

Going through this tough journey really can test your relationship and make you make desperate decisions to hold unto time. We see that experienced through Rob and Anna’s relationship. A child who is experiencing a terminal illness can be tough but love for their child conquered all their obstacles. One of the best lessons for parents out there through their experience is how important love and support is. I know many people like to keep to themselves but the power of being part of that support group really helped with their journey. 

Overall, the book was really lovely. This was a beautiful debut that tackled loss, love and the strength of a familial bond. The characters represented an authentic perspective of the ups and downs experienced during loss. Not only the journey but the road to finding life again really leaves you feeling grabs you. I’d recommend this to your TBR pile!

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