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Review: No Cowboy Required by JoAnn Sky

We are introduced to Grace Harper. When gets the news of the death of her father, she finds herself returning to the home she left and never looked back from. Inheriting his farm, she is told she would become guardian to her stepbrother, JJ, who she never met and had autism. That wasn’t her only surprise. 

Little did she know, the guy who pushed her out of his life and heart years ago, is at the center of things stirring up the past and unresolved feelings. Giving herself two weeks to get everything together and get back to her life, nothing seems to working as she hoped. Having to deal with the fact he is only one to help her with JJ, she finds herself struggling to fight the pull that is bringing her back to not only her past but also to a certain someone she is trying to forget.

Overall, this was a good book that went really fast. Personally, I would’ve loved to dive more into certain aspects of the plot. I sort of feel like things just started to get really good, then the book was over. The heart of the characters were there but just wished I could’ve had a little more meat to some of the plot points and backstory. Despite that, it was a good read. 

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