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Review: Nightmare’s Eve by Stephen H. Provost

Held on the edge of that moment between evening light and dusk, Stephen H. Provost’s NIGHTMARE’S EVE is a collections of horror short stories and chilling poems. From a deal in the dark to a gift to bring words to life, this collection will make you want to sleep with a night-light.

Provost’s writing is self-described in the beginning to be like a collection of Twilight Zone episodes, but there’s something more twisted and fantastical awaiting in these pages. With a mix of Stephen King-like story-telling and M. Night Shyamalan twists, Provost brings our deepest nightmares to life. I dare you to read this book in the dark and go to sleep after.

The characters Provost creates make you feel all sorts of emotions while reading. You’ll hate some of them, feel sympathetic for some, but most of them are just like us, and that’s what scares me the most. This collection has so many humanistic qualities, and those are paired well with the unknown and supernatural. 

Along with chilling tales of monsters and strange occurrences are the poems that can only remind me of Edgar Allan Poe. His poetry in this is riveting and dark, mixed with some “certitude” and great language.

Provost’s collection deserves praise with every single story included, which get better and better as you get deeper and deeper into the madness that only can come from Stephen H. Provost’s NIGHTMARE’S EVE.

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