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Review: Hurricane Season by Lauren K. Denton

This was definitely a breath of fresh air. This was a beautifully written novel told through dualing storylines that keep you engaged through their journey. I’m not sure of this was intended but Hurricane Season served more than it’s literal meaning. What I found really interesting is what lied in the figurative meaning of these two sisters experiencing the eye of their own storm in their lives and how the calming of the aftermath changed their lives forever.

Jenna, is a single mom, grinding it out everyday trying to keep her head above water. A free spirited sort of gal, had big dreams that came to a halt when she met Mr. Wrong who left her with two kids that she wouldn’t trade anything for. When an opportunity comes along to tap into her past and ignite her dormant dreams, she accepts the opportunity leaving her with a two huge problems. Who would take care of her kids? Her only option was to call her sister. The only problem problem is that she says yes before you even asks. Will her sister agree? Unaware of what her sister has gone through, will this be a chance for Jenna to turn her life around or will they remind her sister of the life she wish she could have but can’t.

Betsy has a wonderful life with a husband that loves her and a promising future living on a farm that has kept their lives busy. She doesn't see her sister or her kids that often and considering the last time they saw each other it was a surprise when she got a phone call out of the blue to go on a whim to do something for her future without thinking it through, nervousness and trepidation course through her veins wandering if she has changed.

Hesitation from knowing her sister and her carefree ways, she wasn't sure about taking on this responsibility, but the love for his sister trumped all. It was a potential opportunity that she only just found out about and what was the harm for two weeks. The problem is she hadn’t talked to her husband about everything and just figured they figure things out along the way. When Jenna extends her time without any consideration, tension and uncertainty surface but the girls bring something to their life that is new and heartbreaking. As Betsy grows closer to the girls, the possibilities ignite hope but at the same time illuminate the void of the constant reminder of her unsuccessful attempts to have her own children. 

Hurricane Season, is a storm that crashes through both their lives in a way that changes the course to find where they are meant to be. Told through their point of views, we get a refreshing read about two sisters, Jenna who find her way in life to gain the confidence to reach beyond what she thought she could and Betsy who gave up on the part of her life that after failure she gave up but found the strength and hope to not give up and try again. 

Overall, this was a nice read. The different perspective from the characters and where their introspective path led to was nice. The young girls brought some sunshine to the book through their innocence and sweet nature. I can’t help but feel like there’s more to them that we can squeeze out. I would love to see what happens with Jenna and does she end up with Sam? Does Ty and Betsy get their wish? Here’s one that I hope you will enjoy and recommend adding it to your TBR!

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