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Review: Honeysuckle Dreams by Denise Hunter

This was my introduction to Denise Hunter and her A Blue Ridge Romance series. Since I didn’t read the first book and after finishing Honeysuckle Dreams, I feel this could be read as a standalone. Since this book was a really nice read, I’d recommend reading the first book before because I’m sure it will only enhance your liking of the series.

Let’s start with that beautiful cover. That just puts you in the mood for a really nice, relaxing novel. Like I mentioned before this is the second book in her A Blue Ridge Romance series which featured the story surrounding Hope, Brady and his son Sam. Their story was really sweet to read. They were lovable characters that had obstacles that made you not want to stop reading. 

Let me tell you, Brady, can be your book boyfriend. He is such a lovable character that you will be rooting for throughout the book. After the death of his wife, his world had been rough. Then one day, her parents decide to drop a bombshell on him that they want custody of his son. If that wasn’t bad enough through this turmoil, he gets the shock of his life. He finds out his wife wasn’t the gal he thought she was and got the news that he wasn’t really the father. Scandalous!

So, Hope has been friends with Brady for a really long time. You know what they say, best friends make for the best relationship. This has been said over the years but nothing really materialized from it because Hope fell in love with someone that ended badly. Actually that situation affected her ability to care about anyone but keep that in the back of your mind. When you read the book, you'll find out why but these two given the right circumstances would be perfect for each other. And fast forward, fantasy becomes reality when Brady accidentally lets his lawyer think they are engaged. Can they pull this off?

Hope, just got the chance of a lifetime to do what she dreamed as an on air personality but having to pretend to be married to help Brady keep custody of his son poses some dilemmas. Will this affect her chances of making her dreams come true? Can these two pull off the charades to help Sam? Can love conquer on for both Hope and Brady? Honeysuckle Dreams brings together two lost people who learn to trust whats meant to be and find the path their hearts lead them to.

Overall, I loved their journey but I have one issue with their transition. It’s not a bad thing but maybe I missed something. In their transition with their “fake engagement,” I just thought things shifted so quickly from “friendship” to “relationship.” I know they’re really good friends and then shifted to be a “married” couple but in my mind I was like, they just shifted after the wedding into that role so fast. It’s ok because it didn’t affect the quality of the storyline. I loved getting to know these two and where it ended up. It's always nice reading a sweet story. If you have read book one, catch up. I hope there’s a third book but until then, add this one to your TBR!

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