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Review: Let Them Thrive by Katie Novak

If you are an educator or a parent I strongly encourage you to read Let Them Thrive. This was a really interesting concept that I believe would really be a game changer in education. I'm curious and would love to sit on a debate or something like it with parents and educators to hear the pros and cons that they feel.

Instead of giving up on some students and categorizing them as unteachable, you find a tangible way to meet them at their level to inspire academic excellence. Not everybody is book-smart. Not everyone is able to retain information in a way that is traditional as to listen and take notes. Some people don't have attention spans and others people are visual people. Some people might be better orally and can listen to the lesson. It all depends on your functional level and whether they use the cognitive part of your brain or somebody that is more face to face.

There are so many other elements to this discussion but from what I’ve read seem to be a great solution to giving kids who lost confidence in themselves by feeling defeated a chance to gain some and be more successful in their educational journey. I assume there are factors involving finances and traditional teachers transitioning away from what they are used to but at the end it’s all about kids all having a chance to be someone to excel rather than for some falling into a statistics category. I’d recommend this for both educators and parents to learn about this concept and hopefully see this implemented. I’d love to hear what teachers out there feel about this. Overall, a very informative book with great takeaways.

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