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Review: I Hope This Reaches Her in Time by R.H. Sin

The girl who deserves the sun is tired of being rained on.

The girl you don’t appreciate will get tired of loving you.

I Hope This Reaches Her in Time is a book of poems that all appear to have been spawn out of the heartbreak. The author appears to have had his heart broken by someone previously.

Although the author had had his heart broken, I did not feel the emotion. The poems lacked depth and fell a little flat for me.

There was no real flow within this book. It was not broken into sections. There were times when the poems would randomly switch from his POV to someone else’s. It took me aback, because I had not been expecting it.

There were a few poems that were not poems. For example, 121914. I didn’t understand the reference nor how it could be a poem. I had wondered if it was a date. The date that author and the mystery girl had met? It was never explained, so I can only speculate.

Although the majority of the poems where forgettable, I did find a couple that I did enjoy. They made me stop and think for a second before I continued on reading.

It is worth mentioning, that I can picture the author’s poems being used as captions on Twitter and Instagram.

Final Analysis

I Hope This Reaches Her in Time is a short book of poems about heart-break. The book does not leave an imprint and does not pack an emotional punch. I didn’t enjoy this book. But that doesn’t mean that someone else would. There may be someone who relates to the author’s heartbreak and can find the poems as a healing aid.


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