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Review: The Perfect Score (Kissing the Enemy Book 3) by Maggie Dallen

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The Perfect Score was a sweet opposite attract young adult romance book. It centers on Maggie, who deems herself as the human cupid, and Ox a very quiet athletic. Maddie has decided that she find romance for Ox, even though he never asked her too. What Maddie does not know is, that Ox has a crush on her.

The Perfect Score was a short book; however, it was nicely paced so it didn’t eventually feel too short. The author managed to create a sweet plot that was entertaining and enduring. There was no unnecessary drama like cheating; the conflicts felt very real and relatable.

I will admit that I haven’t read the other books in the Kissing the Enemy Trilogy. Before reading, I was unaware that it was a trilogy and that Ox and Maddie were introduced in an earlier book. But now, that I am aware, it would be interesting to see those two characters interact in someone else’s POV. It would also be interesting to see how the other romances came to be.


The characters were likable. Several times in the book, Maddie was described as this kind person. And instead of just stating it, the reader’s actually gotten to experience her kindness. And it was nice to have Ox’s POV because he’s described as a “tall giant” several times, so it was nice to see his thoughts and feelings.

Maddie and Ox were complete opposites; however, I think they balanced each other out well. When together, they fit very well and you could tell that there was this underlining chemistry between them. I also think that there was a respect between them as well. They both respected each other’s boundaries.

Final Analysis

The Perfect Score was a sweet book with two very likable characters who you cannot help but root for.

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