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Review: Forever My Hero by Sharon Sala

This was my first book read by Sharon Sala, so it was a wonderful introduction to her work. I don’t think I can recall reading a book that had so much going on as it did but it came together beautifully bringing a story that showed the power and strength of a community that really lives up to it’s name, Blessings.

I guess I can say the heart of the book dealt with two people who when you open your heart, wonderful things can happened unexpectedly. Dan, came to Blessings in the hopes of escaping a personal tragedy. He had lost his wife and son and wanted to try and find a place to establish new roots. He wasn’t looking for love but somehow, life put him in the path of someone who needed to be in that place and time, walks in Alice.

Alice, a mother of two, lost her husband to addiction that ultimately led to her own tragedy. She was definitely not in the market for someone new but found her path cross with Dan and saw the possibility of hope and compassion of a man who was persistent in following where his heart was leading him.

Both similar in devastation, brought together by fate, we experience their journey of how to let go and let in, the mending two broken hearts, and the affirmation that love can be found again.

There are other characters in the book that have their own unique storyline but ultimately they all blend together making the novel whole. This is the seventh book in her Blessings, Georgia series. I haven’t read the previous so I don’t know how they affect this book but I did find it be a charming read. I enjoyed how all the storylines came together. I’m a bit curious to know the past so I am going to back read into the series and will look forward to the next. I really love those small town community novels that have heart and soul to their characters. For those who feel the same, I know you will like. I’m going to recommend to this one to your list.

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