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Review: Evoke by Danielle Simmons

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Evoke centers on Laney Thomas after she awakens from a coma with light memory of what happened. Her and her best friends were tragically involved in a car accident, and unfortunately, she is the only one who made it out alive.

Evoke was a solid read. It had enough to keep me reading, however, there were times when it was a little frustrating. For example, the withholding of information. I understand that this book centers on the mystery and secrets. Still, it was a little frustrating that a character would vaguely allude to something in front of Laney and although she asked them to tell her, they would not. I didn't quite understand why they would keep the information from her. She found out pretty earlier on that her friends died so the other information felt small in comparison.

Another issue I had was the romance. Especially the loop sided love triangle. I had no issue with the romance between Laney and Evan, but I could have done without the stalkerish subplot with Dean. Quite frankly, it made me uncomfortable and I don’t think the book needed that. It felt unnecessary and I think the plot between Laney and her friends was stronger.  

Enough about the bad; I want to talk about what I enjoyed. I found Evoke to be incredibly heartbreaking at times. Especially when Laney found that her friends had not made it. The author really did a great job of capturing that pain and heartache.

And although it was small in comparison to the other events, I really enjoyed the relationship that Laney and her mother had. It was cute and very loving.

Final Analysis

Evoke has the bad, but it also has a good. And all and all, it’s a pretty decent read.

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