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Review: Exceptional You by Victoria Osteen

Review: Exceptional You by Victoria Osteen

Book Summary

How are you living your life? Did you get up this morning expecting to do something important, or did you wake up weary, worried, and frustrated? In her latest book, Exceptional You!, Victoria Osteen declares that God doesn’t want you to drag through the day and avoid life’s challenges. If you arm yourself with the knowledge that God is on your side, He will give you the ideas, the words, and the energy you need to make each day exceptional.

Through personal stories and biblical teachings, Victoria will show you how to adopt a new way of thinking about yourself and your life that will strengthen your faith, increase your confidence, and bring out the extraordinary person you truly are through seven practices:

Know You Are Chosen

Lift Up Your Eyes

Keep Your Memory Box Full

Travel Light

Love Well

Live in the Now

Power Up

Don’t wait another minute to discover the exceptional you!


It’s been 10 years since Victoria Osteen put out a book. I will say that life experience and time have given her some wonderful things to say and the encouragement she brings to Exceptional You is welcoming. There are so many people, especially now, facing obstacles whose faith are being challenged by insecurities, doubt and hopelessness.

What I love about Victoria is her warm and compassionate heart that she has for people. Her book challenges you to get rid of those doubts and insecurities, stop listening to the people saying you’re not good enough, help you appreciate the real you and plant that seed to blossom into your destiny of who you’re meant to be.

The book shares personal stories, biblical influences framed by seven practices that guide the book. She encourages you to refresh with a new perspective, stay positive about yourself, life and be more confident that you are exceptional. Overall, it was very inspirational and uplifting. I hope those who are faith based will grab a copy and check it out.

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