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Review: Coming Up Roses by Staci Hart

Review: Coming Up Roses by Staci Hart

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Coming Up Roses is a fun & breezy romantic comedy. It straddles the line between the friends-to-enemy/friends-to-lover trope.

Coming Up Roses tells the story of Tess & Luke. For several years, Tess has work at Luke's family flower shop. Unfortunately for her, she has had several run ins with the arrogant seeming stud. After business begins to decline, Luke & his family must come up with a way to save the shop. Tess loves the shop so she's more thank happy to help, however, she is a little less excited about seeing Luke more than she has to.

There are times where the plot is overdramatic or character's actions may be extreme, but it unexpectedly works. The author manages to tell an intriguing and romantic story about two characters who are designed to be together.

A flower shop is a textbook example of a romantic scenery. And creates an essence of blooming and colorful background. In addition, to acting like a backdrop, the flower shop was seamlessly woven into the over story. Never once did it feel "too on the nose" to have a romantic comedy set mostly in a flower shop. With this story, it wasn't just a flower shop. It was place that some many characters had such a strong connection to.

Like mentioned earlier, there are times where the plot is overdramatic and character motives are a little too extreme. I want to touch on that briefly again. There were big reactions for small things. Or overreactions for things that could have been solved with a simply conversation. The author doesn't drag those overdramatic moments out she quickly addresses them and moves on. I think this is why they can easily be overlooked.


When Luke was first introduced in the book, I was afraid that I wouldn't like him. I'm happy to report that I was proven wrong. He was a great character who had good motives.

Like Luke, Tess was a likeable character. She had this overarching goodness about her. She had such a strong dedication and admiration for her job and I think that was inspiring.

Final Analysis

Coming Up Roses is an entertaining romantic comedy with two great characters.

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