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Dream vs. Reality in the Post-Graduation World

In his new book Graduates Nationwide Face Growing Challenge, Mike Eltgroth discusses the problems that every college graduate grapples with in today's reality. Objectively speaking, thousands of students across the U.S. graduate from universities every year. Naturally, as soon as they graduate, many of them start looking for work. If many of these graduates fail to find a job after a thorough and extensive search, life becomes quite difficult for them. Of course, some of them may be better off than others, because their families help support them while they look for work. Others, however, may not be so fortunate and are forced to work odd jobs. In his book, Eltgroth motivates us to think very seriously about the growing challenges that students have to deal with as soon as they are out of college.

So many graduates struggle with numerous questions regarding their future plans. Even if they have a pretty clear idea of what they want to do professionally, the process of actually realizing their goals may become a stumbling block. In fact, it may seem daunting to them, if not almost impossible. Eltgroth draws attention to a serious issue that is at stake in many graduates’ reality today. According to the author, most graduates are simply not equipped with the skills they need to survive in the professional world. He suggests that “the lack of a clear post-graduation plan along with a lack of real-world skills can often lead to anxiety and poor decision making with long term impacts” (PR Newswire). This is precisely the issue that confronts many graduates today. At the university, they complete their general education and major coursework and work on getting an internship. If they are lucky, they find an excellent internship and secure their future at a company. For many though, the process of finishing an undergraduate degree or even a Master’s does not necessarily open up more opportunities. In particular, if the student does not finish a degree in a practical field and lacks real-world skills as well, the act of securing a job can be a very trying experience.

The book provides new graduates with the guidance they need as they plan out their lives after college. Notably, the author focuses on the disparity between dream and reality that they encounter as they realize that the career they envisioned for themselves is not that easy to get. He argues that “[w]hile graduates may have dreams of breaking from the crowd and becoming successful, many don’t have a clear picture of what that really means or how to get there” (PR Newswire). We can picture the new graduate fresh out of college and excited to embark on the next stage of professional life. The trouble is, however, that many students simply do not have a clear idea of how they will get to their dreams, to begin with. If they have a variety of resources at their disposal and are able to get concrete advice from someone, the next step will be less of a problem for them.

In addition, the author discusses other factors that new graduates should be aware of. In this way, he actually prepares them to face real-world challenges. According to the press release, the book covers topics including “…dealing with people, learning from failure, what to expect at their first job, understanding emotional intelligence, building confidence and more” (PR Newswire). These are issues that most new graduates confront as they finish college and enter the real world. Even though they have gained valuable academic skills in the classroom, they may not have the psychological stamina as yet to deal with pressure in the real world. In his book, Eltgroth provides graduates with tips they can use as they embark on the professional stage of their lives.

The book may also move us to think seriously about real-life problems that students have to deal with once they graduate. Looking for a job is certainly not their only concern as they leave the classroom. Life pushes them to think about the issues they have to address if they want to have relative financial stability. According to Eltgroth, new graduates must know “what they truly want, how to go after it and what to expect along the way” (PR Newswire). He suggests that being sure of what they want and being realistic about their goals may help them work through post-graduation challenges. Perhaps, new graduates could get started on their careers sooner if they actually adopt such an approach. Instead of having unrealistic dreams, they could  look for opportunities that match both their skill and experience levels.

In conclusion, exposure to resources such as Mike Eltgroth’s Graduates Nationwide Face Growing Challenge might help us become aware of what is at stake for new graduates. The book cautions us to think deeply about securing their professional and financial future. In addition, it spurs us into action, motivating students and parents to work on developing a concrete post-graduation plan that new graduates can pursue. Most importantly, the book makes us keenly aware of the challenges we are now facing as a nation. We absolutely should do our utmost to apply our skills and knowledge in the real world regardless of the major or skill level. It is crucial for students to grow into professionals and earn decent salaries. Consequently, I believe that more and more readers should be made aware of Eltgroth’s new book.

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