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Review: I'll Never Let You Go by Marianne Richmond

This book is so adorable! How many kids grow up attached to a blankie or a stuffed animal? The story follows Edward from his birth being introduced to Blankie. They are completely inseparable. His journey is told through a cute story about the relationship they have. When it's time for Edward to go to school, he learns a great lesson about having to let go. For so many small kids who grow attached, they have to let go to grow as person. This may be hard for some kids because their attachments are their best friends. The author introduces a beautiful lesson no matter where you are the love you have will never change despite being apart.

Even though this book is for kids, the message in the book will grab the heart of anyone. This is such a great lesson for kids in this age to help them make that transition from letting go to make room in their heart for the possibilities of making new friends. That “Blankie” or stuffed animal is their everything but sometimes we have to venture beyond our comfort zones to explore new adventures and meet new people to grow. 

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