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Review: Callaloo: The Legend of The Golden Coqui

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If you haven’t heard of the series, Callaloo, it’s definitely a name that you will want to get familiar with. Beyond the fact that it features gorgeous illustrations and promotes positive diversity, there is definitely something magical about this series that I feel will excite and engage your young reader.

Callaloo: The Legend of The Golden Coqui, the second book in the series, takes the young reader on a fun adventure in search behind the legend of this golden coqui. We are introduced to Winston and Mariscol, who come across a frog that captured their interest. Upon further inquiry, the legend behind the frog was that his beautiful voice was once adorned until an evil spell was casted upon him banishing him forever to the rainforest. With there being only one person who could break the spell, they both take the readers on a journey from New York to Puerto Rico, uncovering clues that try to help them to find answers to free the golden coqui. 

I really enjoyed this book and see great things for the series. In the context of stories that have introduced elements of the Spanish culture, this has such a great appeal like Dora. Geared towards the age range of 3-7, not only does it give them a fun story to follow but it introduces them another language by incorporating Spanish within the story allowing the reader to learn different words and phrases. Don’t worry, as an accompaniment, there is a glossary that you can follow along in the back as you read the book to help you learn their meanings. The characters are lovable and the beautiful pictures are engaging and will catch their interest. If you are looking for a book that will spark their imagination as well as learn at the same time, I’d recommend reading this book. 


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