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Review: How to Prepare for Old Age (without taking the fun out of life) by Bernard S. Otis

Available at  Amazon  and  Barnes and Noble

Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Book Description

In this touching, often humorous and very personal account, Bernie shares his 86 years of life, love, less and laughter as an inspirational guide to what it means to age without growing old. His advice on love after 60, how to talk  with family members about illness what you should be prepared for when confronting tragedy and loss, what it means to be a caregiver to a loved one and many other of life’s challenges are a must for family members young and old. 

Mr. Otis’s book is a treasure trove of personal and professional life experiences that will help you prepare for old age and take control of the nature of aging. Be prepared to laugh out loud and quietly shed a tear as Bernie takes you through the voyage of life.


No matter how much we think it’s a long way away, life is short. Time slows for no one and while you think you’ll know what to do when your golden years arise, chances are many wish they would’ve done more to prepare or knew what to do in certain circumstances. How to Prepare For Old Age, not only helps you by giving you insightful information in the planning process also helps you understand through the eyes of someone who learned and living.

How many times have you had a parent or grandparent give you advice and you don’t listen. Well, the author amazing enough is in his mid-eighties, which really gives the book a comforting appeal. Sharing experience the book is laced with humor, antedotes, helpful tips and insightful advice that will help you along as those around you age or yourself. Love, loss, living life, a message that permeates through the book feeling the wisdom of someone whose positivity and encouragement of living the best life possible is encouraging and inspirational.

What I really appreciate is that he brought up something that many don’t talk about with respect from the other perspective. Often we forget our loves ones as they age, live far away or put them away in facilities. That understanding of how they feel or not forgetting them is really important because as hard as things might seem, taking care of our aging ones is important for their own happiness. They took care of us and when the times comes, we should take care of them. 

The book broken down by senior moments, allows the reader the chance to embrace some great advice and guidance that spans all areas of life, encouragement and moments to sit back and just listen and learn. Not only does he help you understand how to deal with certain situations but mostly due to his own experience, we understand how to effectively help emotionally as well. The book also included a useful checklist that will come in handy as well as an informative glossary of terms that will be useful for yourself or if you are currently taking care of someone. Ideally the book will be good for all to get a grasp for the future but mostly I think its greatly would benefit those fifty years and above because that demographic would experience much of what was dealt with in the book. 

Reviewed by Michelle Bowles


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