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Review: Was Superman a Spy? by Brian Cronin

This book had a lot of information in it. A lot. And at times it felt overwhelming. I did appreciate how it was broken down in three parts- DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and other comic companies. That helped a lot because it focused on only stories pertaining to that particular comic company.

However, there were many times where the author would mention something about another comic company that related to a story that was being told in a different comic’s section. For example, DC comics and Marvel have a long history together. So there were many stories where certain actions by one of them influenced the other’s actions.

The author would mention a page number where the other side could be found in the book. This was confusing. First, because I was reading on Kindle so I didn’t have page numbers, and I couldn’t go back and refresh my mind on what had happened. Second, the author would mention something that would be discussed later on in the book, and it was a little distracting.

This book was entertaining, but there were more than a few moments where it dragged on and I lost interest. Like mentioned earlier, it had a lot of information. There were so many stories to tell so it moved quickly, and I didn’t have time to really dissect what I had just read.

I found myself skipping because it had such a broad scope, and I was not as familiar with certain topics as others. I do believe that if I had a greater understanding of comics I would have enjoyed this book a little more.

Final Analysis

Was Superman a Spy is jammed pack with a lot of information. This is beneficial but it is also hurtful at times. It moved a little too quickly for someone with barely an above knowledge about comics.

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