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Review: Liar Liar by L.A. Cotton

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This wasn’t my type of book. I finished a couple of minutes before I began writing this, and I’ve already forgotten the majority of the book, which is utterly disappointing. It’s going to be a tad bit hard to review this book.

I wasn’t instantly drawn into this book. Yes, there was a mystery of the main character’s past but it was mentioned only when convenient, and I tended to forget about it and wasn’t in a rush to figure it out.  There were few hints about it.

Because of not being drawn in, it was hard to stay focus, and I felt disconnected from the book. I don’t want to blame the writing. It could possibly be it was the wrong book at the wrong time.

It felt entirely too slow for me and dragged on. I didn’t understand character motives and somethings felt too vague or too unbelievable.


I wanted this book to focus more on Becca. Something bad happened that caused her and her parents to move to a different town and try to start a new life. That premise has so much potential. However, unfortunately for this book, it did not live up to my standards. Becca’s psyche was barely touched. I wasn’t quite sure why she wanted to completely change or how the terrible event impacted her psyche.

Everyone in this book had a secret. And I wasn’t sure if I could trust any of the supporting characters. They all seemed likely to stab Becca in the back at any moment. Because of this it was hard to believe that they were Becca’s friends.

Evan quite frankly was annoying. He was very adamant that Becca not hang out with certain people or at certain places but never offered her a reason why she shouldn’t. His and Becca’s romance felt rushed. Their conversations were limited, and when they did talk it was hard to see the attraction.

He felt like a shady individual and followed her around. When they did eventually get together, they both seemed like they were holding back emotionally.

Final Analysis

Liar Liar was forgettable for me. I wasn’t sucked in. I wasn’t attached. Maybe if I reread this, my feelings would change.

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