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Review: On The Way to You by Kandi Steiner

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This was unexpectedly an emotional journey. It hit me in the feels. Hard. I’ve read other books by Kandi Steiner before, so I immediately purchased this when I saw her name. I didn’t read the blurb, so I went in completely blind.  Which was an interesting experience because it wasn’t what I expected.

Cooper Owens is just existing until she can earn enough money to get away from her terrible parents and out of Mobile, Alabama. One day, an attractive guy, Emery, walks into the diner where she works. She’s caught off guard when he asks her one simple question- “What makes you happy?”

She doesn’t answer instead proceeds to take his order. She later learns that he’s heading to Seattle; the place she’s been saving for all these years. He asks her if she wants to tag along. Unlike before, she answers; hesitant but nevertheless, she says yes. The two embark on a cross country road trip filled with discovery, secrets, and love.

On The Way to You was unlike any road trip book I’ve read before. It didn’t feel silly or a great big fun adventure at times. The road trip was quiet, filled with emotional moments as the two leading characters developed a friendship and opened up to each other. It was nicely paced, which allows for readers to really soak in what they are reading and feel the emotions.

There were humorous moments, however, this book does deal with heavy subject matters and those humorous were perfectly blended without feeling overwhelming or taking away from the overall message of the book.


I was immediately on board with Emery when he asked Cooper, “what makes you happy?” It was such an odd question to ask a stranger, and I wanted to drive more into his psyche. I was intrigued by him.

Although, this book is in only in Cooper’s POV, we get a glimpse into his mind through his journals that Cooper secretly reads. He’s struggling with something personally. And it’s heartbreaking when his reasoning to going to Seattle is revealed.

I find Cooper to be refreshing. Despite, everything that she has been through, she remind extremely positive. That says a lot of about her. She was a hard worker, never giving up on her dreams. I will admit, Cooper felt younger than what she was at times. Her internal voice felt more like she was sixteen instead of twenty.

I had no trouble believing that Cooper and Emery were meant to be. They were a positive influence on each other lives and brought some much needed light in a dark world.

Final Analysis

On The Way to You is a beautiful story of a road trip that ends in discovery and love.

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