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Review: 101 Secrets For Your Twenties by Paul Angone

“Life in our 20s can feel more time-bomb than tickle-fest. “

101 Secrets for Your Twenties was an emotional read for me. I fully enjoyed and was touched on a personal level. As an early twenty year-old, I really appreciated this book. It felt as if someone was telling me that what I was feeling was valid and everything was going to be okay.

It was relatable, well written, humorous, and reassuming. I lost count of how many times I nodded my head and said, “That’s me.” I don’t think I’ve ever related to a book as much as I did with 101 Secrets for Your Twenties.

It didn’t sugar coat things and say that like was going to be great all the time. It highlighted several serious topics such as: losing friends, feeling lost, and lonely. However, even as he discussed those topics there was hope; even if it was just a little. The author did mention that it’s okay to seek help if need be.

The author truly provides great advice and comfort in his writings by incorporating personal facts and stories in them. For example, there were several instances where he mentioned his marriage and career. He didn’t mention them to brag, but instead as examples and as a way to show that he’s been there and understands.

Paul Angone felt like a relatable narrator. I trusted him. And after reading this book, I felt understood and less alone. I could see myself revisiting this book as a reminder that everything will work out.

I strongly believe that every twenty-something-year-old should read this book. Life can be difficult, and sometimes we get some caught up and forget that we aren’t the only ones going through it.

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