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Review: This Time Around by Tawna Fenske

I'm a sucker to when it comes to second chance romance novels. They just make the heart swoon. This Time Around, definitely lived up to every moment and just leaves you feeling good. Sweet, funny and filled with moments that pull at you showing how time heals and you have to go through some things to get to place where real happiness lives. 

Let's start with Allie. Her life didn't exactly turn out how she dreamed but she found life led her down a different road. Her parents are in jail for a ponzi scheme and she recently inherited a bed and breakfast that once belonged to her grandmother. Her love life is to be desired, always a bridesmaid never the bride. For whatever reason, luck was never on her side but then one day someone from her past reappears and everything is different. Is this fate? 

You know what they say, if two people are meant to be, then one day it will be. Or will it? Jack and Allie were young sweethearts. Like many young relationships, one person is in one place and the other elsewhere. When they were in college, Allie broke his heart leading him down a road that could've been worse. He found his way and his life changed. 

One day out of the blue, Allie got an email inviting to meet up. Jack has a reunion coming up and thought it would be nice to catch up. When he mentions that he wants her to meet Paige and to find out how her life is going, the past sort of came hitting her at once. She didn't want to look ridiculous to him and his wife. Not wanting him to see how much her life wasn'twhat she hoped, she asked her best friend to pretend he was her boyfriend. Little did she know Paige wasn't his wife but his daughter. As details unravel about their life now and their past and present collide into this new chapter, will this be their meant to be happily ever after? 

I really liked their story. This wasn't your predictable second chance where they went out before and now they are happily ever after. We are definitely thrown some curve balls along the way which made this a I have to find out what happens sort of book. All the supporting elements that surround the circumstances of their life make this a fulfilling read. You're not bogged down by fluff which I loved. Too many secrets coming out, peeling layer by layer, made me keep flipping forward. On a side note, the supporting characters brought some really nice moments to the book that make you laugh and their genuine friendships are just sweet that they make the book smile. Overall, this was a good one that will leave you feeling good. This is a definite recommendation to the tbr pile!

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