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Review: Anything You Can Do by R.S. Grey

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I think this might be my all-time favorite R.S. Grey book. Her books usually range from “okay” to “decent” for me, but this one was fantastic. And I hope that I will enjoy her future books this much too.

Anything You Can Do was surprisingly really funny, and I found myself not wanting to put it down. I was immediately sucked in, and felt a huge book hangover once I finished.

It was a very captivating story with top-notch banter and amazing characters. The characters start off as enemies but as the story progresses we see them start to realize that maybe they could be more than enemies. Maybe they could be lovers?

The story and the romance was nicely paced and progressed well. It was not instalove, and it felt very real. The characters had a lot of chemistry and also history. Their past history brought another dynamic to the story. Daisy and Lucas did not start hating each other in their adult life. They had years of “hatred” before they both took the job at the family medical practice. They’ve been hating each other since they were babies, and all their life they have been competing against each other.

So it was interesting to see how and why that “hatred” started and if they actually hated each other. Also, because of their past history it made the story feel a little less random. If these two characters had met later in life, I do not think that readers would have got to experience that amazing rich history and chemistry between the two. Another thing that I appreciated about the story, was that Daisy and Lucas were interesting as enemies and also as lovers. The chemistry and banter did not die down once they did get together.

It very much feels like a romantic comedy. It has the right amount of cheese factor and drama to make it interesting without being overwhelming. I would love to see this play out a big screen because it was a refreshing and fun story to read with the perfect mix between humor, steaminess, and sweetness.

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