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Review: Crown of Lies by Pepper Winters

I was hesitant to read this book. Although the summary sounded interesting, I was very afraid that I would be disappointed afterwards. After reading, I would not necessarily say I’m disappointed just a little conflicted with my feelings. This book had some things that were definitely not for me. However, the mystery of who the hooded man was highly alluring. Honestly, Elle and the mystery are what kept me reading. I do wish that everything would had been revealed in this book, because I’m not sure if I want to continue in this world.

There are few aspects that I have concrete feelings about. One of those things happened in the last stretch of the book. The “big reveal” made me very upset. It felt insulting to Elle’s character. And I hope that there is more to that aspect of the story because Elle does not deserve that. It is a messy plot point, and hopefully in the second book it will be fixed.


This book was heavily dominated by males and that was a little off putting. The lack of female characters was very apparent.

I did think Elle was a good main character. It was a little frustrating that her opinion meant nothing to the men in the book. There were several times when Elle would tell a guy (the hooded guy & Penn) to leave and instead of listening they would dismiss her command. It left me with a bad taste.

Another thing that bothered me with Elle is that her feelings were confusing. I was not sure how she felt about Penn. Did she really like him or was she scared of him?

Penn was unlikeable. He was highly controlling, rude, and highly secretive. It was so frustrating when he refused to give Elle straight answers.  

I did not sense the chemistry between him and Elle. The romance lacked development and was confusing. I was not sure if I was supposed to support it or be against it. A part of me felt like it was a little abusive. If I do continue, I hope that Elle does not end up with Penn.

Final Analysis

Crown of Lies was not my cup of tie. However, many enjoyed it. So it might just be me. The mystery was alluring, but is overshadowed by a main character who is not allowed to express her feelings, an over dominating romantic lead, and a random ending.

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