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Review: Privileged by Carrie Aarons

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Although, the plot was extremely farfetched and you had to suspend your disbelief for the majority of the book, it did have potential. Unfortunately, the potential was not reached.

Nora and her mother leave their small town in Pennsylvania, after her mother falls in love with British royalty. Nora has a hard time adjusting to the new public life, and eventually meets Asher, who is a typically YA bad boy. It’s definitely hate and attraction at first sight. Unknown to Nora, Asher has a hidden agenda for wanting to get close to her.

This book was trying to accomplish so much in a limited amount of pages. The pacing was incredibly fast, and I was not able to pause and digest things.

Asher’s hidden agenda was executed poorly; and his reasoning behind it was questionable. It didn’t really fit or make sense in the plot. And when it was time for him to complete the task, it was a little eye roll worthy.


I didn’t connect well with either Nora or Asher. There was a huge lack of depth and character development. Nora had a “gift”, however, any tracing of the gift were never shown in the narrative. It brought about so many more questions than answers. For example, her gift would have allowed for her to have so many opportunities and yet she didn’t take any?

Instead, it was used as a way to get Nora and Asher to have a moment and explain why Nora didn’t fit in back in the United States. It was more of a throwaway comment and did nothing for the character. It is unfortunately that Nora’s gift was poorly executed because it would really added another layer to her character. Her gift was extraordinary, and something that only 2% of the population are a part of.

Asher was a jerk, and that made it extremely hard to care about him and Nora’s blossoming relationship and attraction. Also, his hidden agenda lingered in the back and it made me question if he really even liked her.

It was realistic that when the big separation between Nora and Asher happened, Nora didn’t instantly take him back. She took some time to think. I also enjoyed that her and her mother had a great relationship. She didn’t hate her mother for uprooting their entire lives to move to another country. She was understanding.

Final Analysis

Privileged could have been at least decent with an unrealistic plot. However, distant characters and poor pacing drags it down.  

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