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Review: Links by Lisa Becker

If for only so many this can come true. You know what guy you were madly in love with but didn't know you existed? Then one day your Cinderella dream comes true?

Meet Charlotte. Back in the day, she had the biggest crush on Garrett but he never noticed her. Well known for her bug glass, he coined a nickname for her that made her feel less than attractive. Just like so many gals like her become late bloomers in life, find success when she came out of her shell and once her inside beauty caught up with her outside, she became more than noticed. She was adorned and admired. Then out of the blue, years later, a chance encounter with her made him finally notice. Will she give him a chance?

Now Garrett was a bit of a jerk. Back then and to some extent into his adult years, he is a bit of a player and womanizer. Of course as he was popular then, he found fame as a profession gold player. When he reconnected with Charlotte, typical that he didn't know who she was but through his player lens sees her as someone he has to get with. The problem with Charlotte is that she sees right through him and doesn't trust his motives. Can he convince her he's changed? Will she give him a chance?

The book was fun and a bit steamy at times for me. I love the dual character perspective. It really allows you to connect and understand how the characters feel. It gave much insight into who they were. It was a quick but enjoyable read. Too bad we learned about her mom later in the book. I thought that would've added another dimension to her character because she was really likeable. Her mom was such a big part of her life, it would've been nice for that to be expanded on. Overall, the book was a good one to read that will leave you feeling good. I just loved that ending. 

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