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Review: Roommates with Benefits by Nicole Williams

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I really enjoyed the main characters. The actual story itself, there were more than a few problems. It was filled with unnecessary drama and cheap clichés.

The story didn’t need a huge plot centered on jealously and the fear that every man besides the lead male, Soren, looks at the female character in a sexual way. This caused Soren to appear too protective and Hayden extremely naïve. It severely damaged their likeability.

This book was a little unrealistic. Hayden is a model, and after living in New York for a very brief time, lands almost every modeling gig she tries out for. The book never explains why and how, so it is a little hard to suspend the disbelief.


Like mentioned earlier, I liked the main characters. Soren and Hayden worked great as a couple, and I was rooting for them the entire book.

Besides his desire to protect Hayden from every male in the world, Soren was a good love interest. He was incredibly sweet. There were many times within the book where he would cook for Hayden and give her sweet and meaningful compliments.

Hayden was from a very small town, so it was interesting to see her navigate through New York and try to learn to survive. She came there for a purpose, and it would have been nice to hear more about that purpose and her overall goal. It was casually mentioned in the beginning and never mentioned again.

I can’t ignore that Soren and Hayden acted extremely immature at times. And this was especially true when Soren and Hayden disagreed. The silliness arguments were products of their immaturity and it was a little

eye roll worthy. Many of their problems could have solved if they would had an adult conversation and laid it all on the table.

Final Analysis

Roommates with Benefits is a best when it focuses all the attention on the main characters and just lets them breathe. The drama and jealously was unnecessary and in the end hurt both the book and the characters.

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