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Review: Playing With Danger by Joya Ryan

If you haven't read the first book in the Desire Bay series, catch up before you read this one. It's not necessary because it can be read standalone but it would be a fun treat going into Playing With Danger.  The first book was good but this one was fantastic. Not only did the temperature rise at times and I had to check a few times to see if my Kindle was smoking, it was fun and engaging and I really didn't want to put it down. It had everything that you could've asked for to make everything feel so good reading a contemporary fiction romance. So, let's chat about the book.

Hannah Hastings is a very likable character. To an extent your heart goes about to her when you get to know her and understand why he makes the choices she does. She's sassy, independent and strong but like I mentioned before she's had it tough. A mother who left her and an alcoholic father isn't exactly the picture perfect family but she overcame and that made her a more determined person. Her father was the type of mean drunk who never was the father figure but rather the one who made bad decisions and found himself in situations where the kid should've had to bail him out. Only around when he wanted something, she never had someone in her life give or show her the love and affection that she deserved until she met Grant.

Who's Grant you ask? Well, he can call me anytime! Talk about a crazy decision on a whim. Hannah met him on a cruise. There's something about a cruise that does this sort of now or never, shed your inhibitions because they decided to get married. Yes, married! Didn't have a clue about each other but felt what was right and went for it. I think partly she craved for someone to make her feel loved but for him it was about feeling for the first time someone want him for only him and not anything. Their backstory is told from a dual pov past/present explanation but the point is that after this huge decision, she decided to be a runaway bride. What makes this interesting is that Grant has a secret that he didn't share until later which I believe would've be a game changer but after a couple of weeks, she succumbed to her insecurities to bolt. Two people coming from two different places, she is convinced that it won't work out.

The problem is, Grant saw something in her that was worth fighting for despite even though she had no hope. I think much of this had to due with the crappy lifestyle she had with her father not appreciating her affecting her self worth but Grant doesn't give up that easy. Determined to find her, will he be able to convince her that even though they don't know each other that well, is fate and destiny on their side? Can he convince Hannah to stay married or when she left, that meant they were really over?  You'll have to read on to find out!

I'm overly critical about the second book in a series because I want to feel like I want to keep reading. I can't say nothing bad about this book because I thought not only was it great but I thought it was better than the first. It had the right vibe and the length was perfect. The characters were engaging and it just felt right reading. Joya knows how to make you feel good and fall in love with her books. This was the perfect read to get all cozied up with. Without a doubt, add this fun one to your TBR! 

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