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Review: Things I Should Have Known by Claire LaZebnik

This wasn’t a bad book at all. There were a few moments where I genuinely laughed and felt some type of emotion. However, at times it did brush over things and seem a little questionable.

I would have liked for this book to focus more on the relationship between Chloe and her autistic sister, Ivy. Instead, the entire premise of this book is about Chloe attempting to set Ivy up with one of her classmate’s brothers. Chloe thinks that her sister is lonely and believes that having a boyfriend would make her feel better.

The writing felt very commentary. It was very straight forward.  And although, it was easy to understand and read, I wish that there was more details.

I did really like that the representation was presented in a healthy way. And it does like the author did her research. LaZebnik was very respectful in the way that she wrote about autism.

It was heartbreaking to read about how people treated those who they perceived where different from them. It almost brought me to tears a couple of times, and it’s terrible that there are people in our world like that.


Chloe was smart and had the prefect popular boyfriend. She was a decent main character. Sometimes underdeveloped and boring at times, but nevertheless, a decent main character. She seemed a little selfish at times, but then again she was a teenager. She doesn’t know everything she needs to know. It was a little annoying that she was so determined to set her sister up with Ethan.

I do wish that this book would have been in alternative duel POVs. It would have been nice to know Ivy’s thoughts and feelings about the situation.

There were few moments where Ivy and Chloe actually hung out alone. And like mentioned earlier, I think I would have enjoyed the book a little more if there were more moments between them. The romance within this book was severely lacking. It felt very instalove and predictable. And I don’t think it was strong enough to carry this entire book or be front and center.

This is a story about sisters. And I think those sisterly bonding moments would have been important to have. Every time Ivy wanted to hang out with Chloe, she was always told that maybe next time she could.

Chloe’s character growth at the end would have been more noticeable and impactful if the bonding between her and her sister was more prominent and highlighted. The reader would have gotten to see that relationship between sisters build and grow.

Final Analysis

Things I Should Have Known is not a bad book. There are some things that felt underdeveloped and the writing could have been stronger; however, it is enjoyable.

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