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Review: The Eleventh Hour by April Marie Libs

I was on the fence when I read the summary of the book whether or not I was going to read it to be honest. When I come across certain subjects, it sort of takes on an inner struggle on whether or not it's right for me based on my moral compass. It's hard for me to say what I want to say without giving away a major aspect of the book but if you're like me and would've decided not to read it based on the adultery implication, there is a major plot twist that makes things not what you think. The story that evolves in the book is one that is worth reading and if I say anymore of why, I'll ruin it. I want you to have a chance to form your own opinion because there is so much to talk about after. 

Friends Addison and Jessica head to Vegas for a convention. On the way there, Addison finds herself chatting it up with a guy on the plane who she can't seem to resist until one of his friends interrupt and ruin the moment without having a chance to exchange numbers. This is such a bummer because Addison being so shy, finally finds a guy that she wants to go after but then feels defeated of what could've been. 

The problem is, this is Vegas. Just like her, Dawson was headed to Vegas with a group of his friends. In his case though, it was different. He was headed there for a bachelor party, so you know that can't be good. Determined to find him, lucky for her, they talked about which hotels they were staying in. She has nothing to lose right? She headed over to his hotel and lucky for her, their paths crossed again. They really hit it off well but something was in the way. She couldn't put her finger on it but something wasn't right. He didn't have a ring but didn't want to get too close either. Just having a little fun but not letting it go to far? There's got to be a reason.

By coincidence, they live not to far from each other. The problem is, ever since their experience in Vegas, she can't stop thinking about him. One problem, she hasn't heard from him. Does he have something or someone to hide? Or was what happened in Vegas stays there and she was just in the moment? Well, Addison wasn't going to accept that and decided to track him down and find out why she hadn't heard from him. She just has to know in order to get some sort of peace or closure. I was like, oh man. They haven't known each other that long and she's going to crazy town. Then I was thinking, “love” (I just met you and I think you are the one kind of feeling) can make you do crazy things when you think they're your soul mate but then there are boundaries. When someone lays it out about expectations and you ignore it, who's at fault if the other person gets hurt when they set the stipulations in the beginning. Their story definitely will hit home and sheds light on several perspectives.

Do you really think some guy you met in Vegas is going to be your soul mate? Well, be careful what you ask because once you start digging, you never know what you will find. When she is confronted by the why, does she stay or go?

When she finds out the reason why this becomes a game changer in the book. I'm treading lightly here because I don't want to ruin it because I really think this book has a much bigger takeaway than when you start reading. What I will say is that Addison is faced with a decision to make a choice that has consequences that she will have to live with.

So, overall despite my uncertainty the book was going in the beginning, after the major plot event that changes everything, the story told was good. Beyond this and wrapping up the book, it definitely ended on a tear jerker. Even the there is no HEA here, things did wrap up quite well for what the book was about. Overall, good book and I'd recommend checking it out. 

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