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Review: Barbara and Susan's Guide to the Empty Nest: Discovering New Purpose, Passion, and Your Next Great Adventure by Barbara Rainey, Susan Alexander Yates

Discover New Passion and Purpose after the Kids Leave Home

Many women approaching their empty-nest years do so with mixed emotions--feeling grief for what is no more but also excitement for what lies ahead. Barbara Rainey and Susan Yates are seasoned empty nesters, and they know firsthand the ups and downs, the uncertainty and challenges that accompany this new stage of life.

Although Mom is a lifelong role, the job description changes significantly when the kids are grown. Questions abound: Who am I now? How do I relate to my kids? How will my marriage be affected? Where am I needed? Every woman in this stage needs to determine her own redefined role as wife, mother, friend, and more. Offering practical advice and biblical guidance, along with inspiring personal stories of women who have discovered how to live a meaningful life during the "second half," Barbara and Susan help you work out how to flourish and thrive in your own empty nests.


Even though I'm no where near the empty nest, I'm glad that I read this book. It really put out there what lies ahead in life and definitely gave some appreciative insight to have when the time comes. For those ladies out there approaching the empty nest or those who are currently experiencing, this was an enlightening book hopefully making the transition a little bit easier knowing that you aren't alone. Grounded in faith, these two lovely gals, Barbara Rainey and Susan Yates have revised their book to adjust for the next generation sharing advice, stories, experience and a wealth of information that will be resourceful for many women out there.

The book definitely has a girlfriend vibe to it. It's a real benefit getting wisdom from people who've been there. You might not have the same experience but the foundation of beginning that new chapter with uncertainty will definitely be eased sitting down with them. If you are out there with mixed emotions not knowing if you are coming or going, this really is an encouraging and supportive book to read for guidance and support. It tackles everything from coping with the emotional journey, your relationship with your spouse, how you deal with your kids leaving and what to do with yourself just to name a few. Each chapter has questions to consider and shares an experience from someone to get a perspective of what they're going through. There is a wonderful appendix and a wonderful guide to engage in a book club or small group setting. I really think this can be a resourceful book for many women experiencing and approaching in the future.

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