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Review: Almost Adulting by Arden Rose

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I was familiar with Arden Rose before picking up this book. In 2015, I never missed a video of hers. I was a dedicated fan. Unfortunately, I stopped watching her YouTube channel.  Nothing big happened. She didn’t stop being entertaining, it’s just that I got so behind on her videos that I didn’t even bother to catch up.

Flash-forward a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to see how she was, so did a quick Instagram search. I quickly found out that she had written a book. And since I’m a passionate read, I obviously had to read it. So I purchased it.

And it’s a privilege to say that, Almost Adulting feels very much like an Arden Rose video. Her humor is very present and it’s almost as if she’s sitting down talk to you. It’s enjoyable. It’s quirky. It’s relatable.

It’s hard to categorize this book as a definite guidance into the scary adult world because it’s not. Arden doesn’t necessarily tell you what to do because she’s still figuring it out. And also, because there is not one correct way for how to adult. You sort of figure it out as you go.

What Arden does is she provides you with advice and tips that had helped her. For example, she dedicates a whole chapter to “creating the perfect apartment without wads of cash or buckets of tears”. In the chapter, she doesn’t say that by doing this it was make adulting easier; she also doesn’t tell you the correct way to create your perfect space. That’s up to the reader.

This was a surprisingly empowering and uplifting book. Arden provides many positive tips about why it’s okay not to be okay and finding that special someone. It’s also very sex positive and body image positive.

Final Analysis

Almost Adulting is sort of like a memoir but also sort of like guide to adulthood. It features quirky, empowering, and relatable commentary. It’s not a book that’s going to hold your hand and walk you through adulthood, because it’s something that you figure out on your own. However, it does squeeze your hand and say, “You got this and are going to make it.” 

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