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Review: The Lost Rider by Harper Sloan

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In Lost Rider, the first Western romance in New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Harper Sloan’s Coming Home series, an injured rodeo star encounters an old flame but will she be just what he needs to get back in the saddle?

Maverick Austin Davis is forced to return home after a ten-year career as a rodeo star. After one too many head injuries, he’s off the circuit and in the horse farming business, something he’s never taken much of a shine to, but now that it’s his late father’s legacy, familial duty calls. How will Maverick find his way after the only dream he ever had for himself is over?

Enter Leighton Elizabeth James, an ugly duckling turned beauty from Maverick’s childhood—his younger sister’s best friend, to be exact, and someone whose heart he stomped all over when she confessed her crush to him ten years back. Now Leighton is back in Maverick’s life, no longer the insecure, love-stricken teen—and Maverick can’t help but take notice. Sparks fly between them, but will Leighton be able to open her heart to the one man who broke it all those years ago?

Written in the vein of Diana Palmer and Lindsay McKenna, this Texas-set series is filled with sizzle, heart, and plenty of cowboys!


I'm always super excited to start a new series, especially from an author that I'm reading for the first time. I've been fascinated by her titles and finally had a chance to dive into her The Coming Home series with the first book, Lost Rider. I'm a total sucker for second chance romances, especially whenever there is a chance to reunite with an old flame. You know those are always going to be good.

The book centers around Maverick and Leighton. They practically grew up next to each other. Leighton is your typical girl next door type that blossomed later in life. She had the biggest crush on Maverick if only he would've noticed, you never know how life could've turned out. Maverick had big dreams in his heart that he wanted to go after. Beyond wanting to get as far away from their town and his father,

little did Leighton know behind those big dreams hid some secrets that pushed him further to want to chase them. All she knew was in the process one day her biggest crush lefted, and took her heart with him until one day tragedy brought him back. The question is, will she let the only person who had the key to her heart open it?

Now, this was a great start to the series with this two. There was so much to their backstory that will have their second chance very engaging to read. Leighton represents so many women out there who get their heart broken and go through life guarded. You always wander and your heart secretly hopes for that second chance of if only. In her case, even though Maverick came back to town under crappy circumstances, I'm glad they both had their moment because it needed to happened. Whether or not they came together, they both needed closure and mending.

Maverick coming back was good and bad. The good was that he was able to face his past and deal with obstacles that have been crippling his life. The bad, his life was flipped upside down by his career ending injuries. The only life that meant something was in shambles and he had no idea which direction he was going to go. Lucky for him, life has a way of working itself out. Little did he know everything he was looking for was in the last place he'd expected it.

Overall, I really enjoyed their story. I feel it was a good introduction to the series and are definitely looking forward to see where the series goes. At first I had my feelings towards Maverick and thought he was going to be shallow until you get to know him and grow to really feel for him. I really appreciate seeing such a rugged, tough guy break down his walls. His journey with Leighton was so tough but really beautiful. The familial support and their experiences added to the experience. I have to say this is probably my first dabble in the western romance genre and found it to be surprising enjoyable. Loved the story and can't wait to read on. If you get a chance, add this to the tbr!

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