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Review: The Edge of Yesterday by Robin Stevens Payes Book 1 & 2


I'll admit, when I first came across this series, it didn't pull something in me to want to just grab it and read. I came across it again and decided to give a chance. I'm so glad that I did. It was definitely a pleasant surprise.

I'm not usually into the time traveler theme but being since the heroine was a middle school girl, it gave the book a different appeal. She was smart, ambitious and what I found really interesting is how Leonardo da Vinci was her idol professionally. She admired his technical achievements and had been fascinated with how ability to achieve so many things. She comes across mature for her age and knows more than your typical teenager. It’s nice how we see a young girl interested in a scientific background wanting to pursue a future in it with the goals to want to accomplish great things. It was refreshing to see a young character in a book today that idolized someone with substance that actually had talent other than taking selfies on Instagram. My favorite part of her character was her third for knowledge to learn everything from someone who she believed could do it all and who was such a significant part of the Renaissance period.

The book was about a teenage girl who was inspired by an exhibit, a science fair, and a dream to build what she believes is Leonardo da Vinci's design for a time machine. An accident happens, and she finds herself at the center of her curiosity back 500 years right next to Leonardo himself. She just gets thrown into the past with the uncertainty of what will happen leading us hanging there jumping into book two.

In the second book, the story picks up from where it left off in the first and you get to know the key players around da Vinci. There are similarities with the people she encounters in the past versus the people in her life in the present. Trying to adjust from her modern life to the expectations of that time is definitely a learning curve for her. One thing that was very interesting is how her modern technology (table and phone) is her lifeline that is proving to be a good thing and bad. Once she found a way to connect with her modern life, she has to be careful to follow the rules so she can be safe. It will be up to her to figure out the key that will unlock the mystery to get her back home.

Overall, this was good so far. The more you read this series, the more you are fascinated by where it will lead. The uncertainty is making you want to flip the pages faster. It looks like there will be a third book but it was definitely worth picking up. Carlotta is extremely likable and fun to follow along. I loved how the book incorporated important images that correlated with different parts of that historical period. The book is interactive where you can go online and do fun things to follow her journey. It was an interesting concept and I can't wait to see where this series goes. I'd definitely recommend this series as one that is positive and adventurous and definitely keeps the curious interested.

You can get your copy on:

Book One: The Edge of Yesterday - Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Book Two: Da Vinci’s Way - Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Summary Book One:

When thirteen-year-old geek-girl Charley Morton decides to build what she believes is Leonardo da Vinci’s design for a time machine for the middle school science fair, she has two thoughts in mind: to win first prize and to travel back in time to meet her idol, Leonardo. Her goal: to find out how the Renaissance artist, engineer, scientist, musician, anatomist, and inventor managed to do it all.

Summary Book Two:

In this second book of the Edge of Yesterday series, Charley Morton, girl inventor extraordinaire, is determined to hack time. When her model for a time machine accidentally ignites, Charley’s sent whirling back 500 years, coming face-to-face with her Renaissance idol, Leonardo da Vinci. It’s a perfect scenario for the Renaissance-girl wannabe. Until the news: Her mother is gravely ill. Charley must get home! Can she reverse-engineer time travel . . . and what future will she encounter if she succeeds?

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