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Review: The Candy Cane Kiss by Maggie Dallen

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The Candy Cane Kiss is an opposite attracts/fake dating young adult book set during the holiday season. The fake dating trope is one of the most overused trope out there, but it never fails to be entertaining.

Unfortunately, I didn't exactly enjoy this one. The biggest issue I had was pacing. Everything moved at hyper-speed. This caused the story to feel incredibly unbelievable & undeveloped. Like mentioned earlier, fake dating tropes are the most entertaining plotlines to have in a book. And one of the most beautiful thing about fake dating, is that you see the characters slowly fall in love. You witness them struggle at first and then eventually realize that they want to be together.

In The Candy Cane Kiss, there was no struggle between Lola & Lucas. On their first "date", they were practically already in love. It was all very instalove, especially since that had just met.

Lola was likeable from the start and Lucas grew on me as the book continued. And I think that if the story had progressed in a different way, I really would have enjoyed their relationship a little more. They had cute moments between them but it felt out of place and not earned.

Final Analysis 

The Candy Cane Kiss is a young adult fake dating story that unfortunately has a pacing issue. 

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