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Review: Winter Love (Love Collection) by Natalie Ann

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Winter Love was a short and sweet book centered on Zeke & Kendall. A perfect read for when you want to relax with some nice hot chocolate.

After abruptly losing her parents, Kendal embarks on an adventure that leads her to Lake Placid, where she meets Zeke. As the two develop a friendship, she begins to wonder if maybe she is where she needs to be. 

One of the things that I enjoyed about Winter Love was that it wasn't not rushed. This book is less than 200 pages, but somehow the author managed to pace things very well. In addition, it felt like a complete/developed story. What I mean is, that everything fit well together in the book. There were no missing pieces nor where there any unnecessary storylines. Although, some were predictable none where out of place.

Natalie Ann created a space where the romance could grow, and that made it feel natural. It was a beautiful and believable romance.

There was not any unnecessary drama between the main leads. Both Kendall and Zeke were understanding people and tended to be open with each other. Miscommunication was not a factor in their relationship. They both were likeable characters with strong backgrounds. 

Final Analysis 

Winter Love was an entertaining and sweet read. The romance was mature and adorable. Also, the story was nicely told without any unnecessary and unfortunate factors.

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