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Review: #Starstruck by Sariah Wilson

#Starstruck tells the story of college student, Zoe Miller, and acclaimed actor, Chase Covington. After Zoe sends him a tweet criticizing his latest role, Chase responds and the two begin a blooming friendship that eventually turns into more. 

#Starstruck had a strong premise. There are millions of people who wish they were as lucky as Zoe. Unfortunately, the execution of the plot felt weak as well as character motives. 

I whole heartily enjoyed the first half of the book. It was interesting to see the relationship between Zoe and Chase develop. I really enjoyed how the author incorporated Twitter and text messages into the early stages of their relationship. 

However, as it continued, the book begun to feel rushed, repetitive, and immature. The characters were having the same conversations and nothing of substances was being added to the plot. And when the climate finally hit, it was irritating since it all could have been avoided. 


I didn't mind Chase. He was a little too perfect sometimes and I didn't quite understand his attachment to Zoe, but I liked him better than Zoe. The issue I had with Zoe is her desire to keep her relationship from everyone she cared about; especially her best friend. There was no indication that her best friend would have reacted in the way that Zoe believed that she would. Zoe keeping the secret from her friend sis nothing but add pointless drama to the book. 

Final Analysis 

Although a strong premise and a strong start, #Starstruck is unable to sustain a strong and engaging romance. 

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