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Review: Girl Unknown by Karen Perry

This must be the start of a great year with psychological thrillers for me. You know a book is good when you want to reach in and strangle someone. Well, not literally but you know. Girl Unknown will lead you on an intense roller coaster ride of different emotions to an unpredictable road of plot twists and what an unsuspecting ending. It’s one of those books that you will not want to stop reading because the build will push your curiosity to keep flipping the page.

The Connolly’s are your typical family next door. Caroline, who gave up her career to stay home with her children, is back out working in the world. David, teaches at a university, is working towards his goal of being promoted shuffles the daily ups and downs of family life. They have been taking care of David’s mom and like mainly couples, unfortunately had dealt with a brief incident of infidelity but despite all hardships, they still love and care about each other. 

One day, the past came crashing down. David got unexpected news that changed the dynamics of his life as well has his family. One of his students, dropped a bomb on him that he was her father. This brings on much complication both a lost love and a secret from the past that harbors resentment and insecurity. A painful past resurfaces but with that brings an ominous domino effect of events that are laced with deception, doubt, and blind trust.

Overall, Girl Unknown was an addicting psychological thriller that was engaging and gets you guessing. The characters were great and they have a lot going on that never takes your interest away. There is an intense feeling that evolves as the book progresses that I can’t quite put my finger on because it will depend on the reader what emotion it draws for you but it is a satisfying ride that is worth taking. I’m recommending it to your TBR list.

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