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Review: Uncle John’s Lists that Make You Go Hmmm by Bathroom Readers’ Institute

This was a nice stressless, and fun read. There were countless lists that were interesting and entertaining. The topics discussed ranged from animals to video games to grammar rules. There is a huge variety of topics. No one should have trouble finding a list that interests them in this book.

The lists were easy to read with an appealing and uniformed format. The format also made it easy to skip list if they were not of interest to the reader. And I will admit there were some list that I did skim or skip, however, me skipping and skimming did not ruin my enjoyment of the book as a whole.

It is worth mentioning that all the list aren’t filled with well-known facts. Some facts are obscure and really get your brain going. Under each item within the list, there is a brief summary. So although you may not be too familiar with a topic or a certain subtopic, the summary acts as an aid to give you an idea of what it is.  

I feel like this is definitely a book that you can read over and over. There are tons of facts, and there might be some that had been missed in the initial reading that would stand out in a repeat reading.  

Lists That I Particularly Enjoyed:

  1. 9 Weird Celebrity Baby Names Explained

  2. 21 Funny-but-real Court Case Names

  3. 8 Scandals that Got the “Gate” Treatment

  4. 14 Parts of a Hardcover Book

  5. 78 Gaaaaaaping Plot Holes


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