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Review: Love Unleashed: Tales of Inspiration and the Life-Changing Power of Dogs by Rebecca Ascher-Walsh

About the Book

A book for dog lovers everywhere. Celebrating the amazing relationships shared with our four-legged friends, each story recounts the love of dogs and the powerful ways dogs impact our lives.

In this heartwarming collection of stories, readers meet 38 incredible dogs who have gone above and beyond the job description of best friend. Each uplifting story provides an inspiring look at the animals who change our lives. Meet rescue dogs who learn to serve others, working dogs who go beyond the call of duty, and underdogs who surmount extraordinary challenges on the road to finding their forever home. This treasury of man’s best friend features photographs and personal anecdotes from those who have been touched by the selfless love of a beloved pet.


If you are a dog lover, than you will definitely love this book. I can't tell you how much these dogs will melt your heart. It was so touching, reading about what they overcame to where they are currently in their lives. The love, patience and commitment that the generous people who opened their hearts to adopt them and give them a second chance was so amazing. Many of these dogs were written off or people sort of judged them by their challenges but there was so much more beyond the surface. Each dog has a story that will keep amazing you. The beautiful pictures just make your heart smile. The book was that long but it was a great read that I hope the author will continue to feature others. For all you dog lovers out there, grab this one for your collection.

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