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Review: The Heart Between Us by Lindsay Harrel

Nothing is more sweeter in a life than getting a chance to start again, especially when it’s not to late. The Heart Between Us was a sweet, fun journey that really grabs your heart and makes you appreciate life an not to take it for granted. The book deals with second chances, mending broken relationships and searching for answers that only life seems to give at the most unexpected moments.

The Heart Between Us, shares the memorable journey of how Megan, a transplant recipient gets a new heart and a chance to live life in a way that she hadn’t been able to do before. The problem was she was struggling with trying to live her new life. A reunion at a hospital fundraiser with the only person who can really understand what she went through, Caleb, inspired the idea that for many donors transitioning into this new life, meeting the families might jump start her new life. Hesitant, she reached out to her donor’s family and was taken back by their warm reception and discovery of their Amanda’s final wish.

Similar to her own aspirations, Amanda had a bucket list to go around the world. Before she could even think about, she agreed to do this as a way to get to know the person better who gave her new life. One problem, she couldn’t do it alone. Even though she hasn’t seen or spoken to her sister, she thought this would be the perfect opportunity to connect. I’ll let you read their backstory to understand what happened between them. Little did they know how life works in mysterious ways. We not only get to follow their journey of fulfilling a dying girl’s dream but also see them find their purpose to keep living.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Life is so short and having a chance to mend a relationship with someone before it’s too late is probably the greatest burden lifted but gives you a chance to share your life with the ones you love. You can tell the author put her heart into the characters because of the depth of their transitions in their relationships and overcoming their obstacles really resonate with you. The familial estrangements, the marital problems, overcoming fears, finding love and purpose are just some of the plot points that will keep you engaged. The journey between the two sisters completely that bucket list will make you laugh at moments and hopefully appreciate their experience as it unfolds. I am recommending you add this to your TBR list! 

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