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Review: Elite by Carrie Aarons

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Elite is about a girl named who Eloise who leaves her privileged life in London to attend university in the United States. While in the US, she meets the star of the university’s basketball team, Colton Rieter, and even is invited to join a mysterious sorority, Unbeknownst, to her, Colton is involved in some shady business.

I enjoyed myself while reading Elite. It is not a perfect book by any means, there were a few moments where I was left confused or frustrated. And I wouldn’t say that this is book that I loved. However, it was an enjoyable read with a few unexpected surprises.

The banter between Eloise and Colton was outstanding. It was hard to deny the chemistry between these two characters. And both main characters were intriguing with a solid background story. I especially liked how they had relatable motives and did not see things in black and white. For example, Colton’s huge secret. Although it was illegal and could ruin his future, he was doing what he felt that he had to do. He had a strong motive for doing it; and it was not something that he enjoyed doing. He felt guilty and understood the consequences.  

In the beginning, I thought the pace was appropriate. However, I will note that towards the end it felt rushed. There were two time jumps that felt unnecessary, and made it seem that things were unresolved and if things were resolved they were mentioned briefly.

Final Analysis

Elite is filled with angst, romance, and unexpected moments. There are moments where you could get confused or scratch your head, but all and all, it’s a decent book.

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