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Review: My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan

I’m so excited to find out that this book is going to be a movie. If you have read the book already, than you know how awesome it’s going to be as a film. If you haven’t, this is going to be one of those that I’m sure will be just as good as the book but make sure you read it first. Bold and adventurous, My Oxford Year was just delicious fun. It had a great plot, sassy characters, witty sarcasm and overall was an enjoyable read.

My favorite character, the star of the book, Mrs. Ella Durran. She was one of the people who had a dream to go to Oxford for what seemed like forever. Lucky for her, she got a Rhodes scholarship and a guarantee to pursue her political ambitions after graduation with the chance of making history. Her transition in the new chapter of her life was going splendid, checking out the sites and taking in what England had to offer. On a recommendation, she decided to grab a bite to eat when almost getting run over by someone, found a local spot only to run right smack into the “posh prat” who she just nearly escaped from. Little did she know, they would be meet again.

When Ella went to her anticipated literature class, disappointed crept in when she found out that the professor that she came there for to learn from wasn’t going to teach, disappointed came over when none other that Jaime Davenport, was going to be the fill in. Not feeling these chain of events, things turned around unexpectedly when a night out brought these two together and they found themselves getting to know more of each other than their poetry. Everything seemed to be going routine until Ella stumped about a secret that has her dealing with making a choice. Should she follow her dream or follow her heart?

Overall, this was a really nice novel. I can’t tell you how funny the humor of the characters were. Perhaps it’s because of the English experience. I find many of the books that centralize in England are so funny. The book was more than just Emma and Jaime’s experience. The other storylines of their friendships, familial relationships and journey through life made such an engaging read. Now I will say that I’m curious because of one line in the Epilogue if that was the finite answer to the question of Ella and Jaime. I really want to know what happened. Ok, so here is another one that I want you to add to your list!  

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