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Review: Nicole Kidman: A Kind of Life by James L. Dickerson

Within the last year, Nicole Kidman has become one of my favorite actors of all time. Anyone who knows me, can attest to that statement. And like all subjects that interest me, I began searching for book about her. If I’m being honest, I went in skeptical about this book. It’s an unauthorized biography, and the author doesn’t personally know her. I was just mainly reading it for the entertainment value.

Nicole Kidman: A Kind of Life follows the life of the Academy Award actress starting from when she was just a baby in Australia to her as a successful actor in Hollywood. In summary, it is mainly just a compilation of all of Nicole’s interviews and movie summary. The author spends an unnecessary time explaining several movies that she had acted in, and sometimes including dialogue. I found myself skipping the majority of those sections because it was over excessive.

Like mentioned earlier, I was not reading this book to gain a sense of understanding of Nicole Kidman because I know that I wasn’t going to get that. And the book didn’t offer any astonishing insight either. The structure felt tamed and loose. There was not a lot of details and it moved fairly quickly. The author left out a many defining factors in Kidman’s life. For example, her marriage and divorce to Tom Cruise. It was a media frenzy, and author chose to focus on the highlight. Both parties are private but have made a few news worthy statement about those years, and the author glanced over those statements.

I’m not disappointed that I read Nicole Kidman: A Kind of Life; I’m just a little disappointed it was not as entertaining as I had hoped that it would be.

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