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Review: Daughter of the Last King by Tracey Warr

Murder, traitors, love, affairs and war. In this historical fiction novel you follow a Welsh Princess who has lost everything, her family, her country, and her freedom. Princess Nest is taken from her kingdom by Normans and must learn their ways in order to be betrothed to whomever the King wishes. Nest never gives up hope that she may be rescued by the Welsh Prince who once was meant to be her husband. As you follow the story of love, loss, and betrayal, you see Nest transform from the Welsh girl she was, into a woman meant for royalty.  This story captures the reader as they want to know what will happen with Princess Nest, with several twists along the way. This story is based on real people and real events that happened in European history. You see the inner workings of the royal court, traitors, affairs, and death. Be aware that the narrator will change at times throughout the story, either through journal entries or letters written. 

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