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Review: Foretold by Laura Spinella

In the second book of the Ghost Gifts series the reader meets Aubrey, twelve years later. Life for Aubrey was changing drastically, as was her gift. When a historical figure warns Aubrey of an explosion about to happen, she learns that her gift might be more than just communicating with the dead. If having ghosts show up to give information about future events was not enough, Aubrey also must face the truths behind her own sons gifts as well. In this story Levi and Aubrey must team up again to solve a John Doe murder, find missing children, and revisit an old angry spirit from their past. Along with this Aubrey must face several ghosts of her own in order to learn the true nature of her father's gift that drove him mad. Those who loved the first instalment will not want to put this one down. From start to finish there are twists and turns that keep readers guessing to the very end. 

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